Tuesday, 1 September 2009

The Seinfeld Post

I shalt not make light about the Flu.

I shalt resist panning a superstar’s airport adventures.

I shalt not ridicule a certain Swayamwar.

I shalt hold back from being opinionated on 377.

I shalt avert plug-ins.

I shalt avoid template changes.

I shalt fiercely defy the temptation to rant, ramble, or muse.

I shalt keep away from short-storied fiction (as of now) or quasi-poetry.

When I hast nothing to blog about, I won’t.


Kokonad said...

Heh heh, quasi-poetry! :D
Which swayamvar are you talking of?

slash\\ said...

@koko That hemisphere hasn't heard about THE swayamwar? Some show, that.


agent green glass said...

why???? and dude, 377 is old hat. so is the swayambar.

slash\\ said...

AGG. Yeah most of these topics are old hats, covered to death by many in the blog world. Leaving me with nothing new to say, and with an unblogworthy life. Hence blogged about having nothing to blog about. Devil's workshop, nothing else.

JD said...

ah yes. The infrequent blogger's commandments. you should probably add -

Thou Shalt not blog about how you dont blog often enough and you'll blog more frequently in the future.

and isn't this less Seinfeld-ish, and more Bart Simpson writing on the blackboard?

slash\\ said...

Couldn't resist. A post about nothing - it was begging to be called Seinfeld-ish. Bart would've been fun though.

Jandy said...

like seinfeld, nothingness proved read-worthy.

Anonymous said...

In my opinion it already was discussed.