Tuesday, 7 July 2009

Guilty Pleasures

1. Eating the creamy half of the biscuit (and putting the other half back)
2. Old George Michael songs
3. Govinda-Kadar Khan slapstick
4. Prodigious burping
5. Not tipping at expensive restaurants
6. Eloping from the parking lot before the attendant comes to collect money
7. Very, very late braking while riding
8. Peeling off dried adhesive
9. Trying out expensive perfumes in a mall, and not buying any
10. Dirt cheap T-shirts pulled out from under a pile
11. Ear buds (in the ear)
12. Sneaking a smoke after a heavy family-gathering meal
13. The 'malai' formed on top of tea if left out for too long
14. Hidden scenes that appear after the end credits of a movie
15. B-horror movies with hot chicks who can't act to save their tops
16. Loving a song just for its bass-line
17. Creating fake heated arguments, where the opposition is taking me way too seriously than he/she should
18. Bad advertisements (And not just the "so-bad-that-they-are-good" kind)
19. Looking for familiar faces on Page 3
20. The short-lived bliss following a big sneeze during a bout of blocked nose

Am I the only one?


mnraj said...

no ra i am with you tooo in all this

Anonymous said...

Hot chicks in B-horror are never hot but they r like another ghost in that movie.total shit and cheapo..

slash\\ said...

@Maeshwar: Good to know I have company.

@Anon: You haven't been watching the right B movies buddy. Believe me, choosing the right B-horror is an art.

Jandy said...

nize list
my contribution : eating chocolate without sharing any with your kids (tell them it's medicine if they're young enough)

Anonymous said...

well may be its an art for you but i don't agree with you. any of such movies it just makes you puke.

individual opinion any ways.

Jandy, hi, well i also thought so but i couldn't do that. u r cool

slash\\ said...

@Anon: Yeah it's an individual opinion. But the fact remains that it is an art (and not just for me). If it is making you puke, you need to change channels or your video library.
Other explanation can be, you are just not that into those kind of movies. Or you are a female. Either of the two.
If you think I'm stretching this too much, read #17 again ;)

Unknown said...

@ Slash

Even i agree with you on point: 1/3/4/6/14/17/19....

but Point no. 7 is typically for you boys...all of you are just the same.

Meghana Naidu said...

An emphatic YES to almost all of them, ofcourse.

change govinda to sad-ass kannada movies
and the horror films to
oh well
chickflicks (they have the best men in them Duh!)

oh-so-dramatic arent you am i the only one

my first time-here. and i like what i read. more later :)

-a chance visitor

slash said...

Hey Meghana
That "am i the only one" was only to spike up the comments section.
thanks for dropping by. be following you too.

Anonymous said...

LOL...very well-observed! I couldn't stop smiling at #8 and #14.

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